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    Informobility Website & Web Services

    In the mid of 2009, I have worked in web development and design at Informobility.

    What they do is to offers OEM/ODM vendors (like Palm, HTC, i-mate, Asus, O2, HP, and Everex) localization services for various mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone OS and WebOS.


    Case Study

    What they asked for:
    A website for Informobility that offers the company’s products and allows online purchasing.
    And since they had an old (web 1.0) website, a total identity rebuild was needed for the new website.

    What they got:
    The following services was applied for Informobility’s website:

    XHTML / CSS / Javascript

    And for the following for Informobility’s webstore:

    Product Thumbnails Design

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