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    Edhak TV Channel Website

    I have worked on this project as the leader of software development team, in Elements Systems company.

    Edhak TV Channel is one of the leading TV stations owned by Royal Group TV Channels.


    Case Study

    Edhak TV Channel specialize in comedy and funny TV shows, movies and recorded stage plays.

    What makes Royal Group different from others is that they pick vintage and premium contents for broadcast, and they cooperate with the best talents in the region.

    What they asked for:
    A website in Arabic for the TV channel that offers free video on demand experience.

    What they got:
    I applied the following to Edhak TV Channel website:

    – UX design and UI development
    – Custom video on demand CMS implementation and development
    – Social media integration and new content notification broadcast
    – Video favorite lists for website members
    – Automated offline and online video transcoding (encoding)
    – TV to Web live streaming
    – Content auditing and production

    Visit Edhak TV Channel Website


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