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    BAU SMS Registration & Query System

    The project intend to use the mobile SMS to send text messages from the University student to the system.

    This SMS contains a request for a registration process, and sent to a specific short-code number, then auto-replied by an SMS from the system to the sender, containing the requested information.


    Case Study

    The main target of BAU SMS Registration and Query System is to be a University registration and query system that uses SMS, which help the students to get their registration queries done in a fast and a simple way, and also to be a support system to the registration unit in a University.

    When using SMS, no programming or computer skills are needed; you only send some simple text message containing a specific number, ID number, and password to a short-code number, after being guided through the uncomplicated instructions.

    In this system you can simply apply any of the available supported registration queries, then you will receive the information you asked for in your SMS inbox.

    The administrator help system which is included into the control panel pages prevents any kind of confusion when using the control panel system for the first time!

    The way the administrator uses the control panel, viewing the system log, and controlling the system messages, along with the other functions will be as simple as navigating through any website.

    Finally there are no restrictions; the student may use the SMS to make queries during the allowed time period as many as the student wish for.

    A demo link is available upon request


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