How to mount NFS exports on Windows


UNIX and Linux users have long been accustomed to networking over NFS, or Network File System. It’s been around for a quarter of a century, was made popular by SunOS, and if you can stomach it’s myriad security flaws, it’s always been the quickest, dirtiest way to share files between disparate systems. Since Windows 7, Microsoft has deemed it necessary to provide proper NFS client support (and requisite MMC snap-in) to consumer Windows.


To mount NFS export on a Windows PC (or server) do the following:

First: set up NFS exports on the *nix server.

Second: on the Windows side (Windows 8.1) go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features. At the left panel click on “Turn Windows features on or off”, a dialog window will appear with options to select: Under “Services for NFS” select: “Administrative Tools” and “Client for NFS”. That’s it!

Finally: you can mount an NFS export much like any other network share, by issuing a command such as:
mount [options] \\nfs-server-unc-name\share-name [drive letter]

For example:
mount \\\export\media U:

Now you can find the NFS export mounted on your system like any other (network) drive.
Have fun :)

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