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Fix: After apps update, iTunes remains stuck on processing file

December 22nd, 2013, posted in Mac, Mobile, Windows


If you have Apps that requires updating in your iTunes library, and you’re stuck at the Apps updating process; then this is what you should do:

iCal: Fixing Google Calendar Console Error (CalendarAgent: AOSKit ERROR)

August 20th, 2013, posted in Mac


In the last couple of days I noticed a redundant error message appearing in my mac’s console log:
CalendarAgent: AOSKit ERROR: (-) RAF: Invalid url -- https://<username><username>

The error happens each time iCal syncs.

7 Mac OS X Lion Power Tips

July 22nd, 2013, posted in Mac

The best Power Tip of them all:
Just upgrading to Lion will do your Mac the world of good. It has a slightly smaller footprint than Snow Leopard and will make your machine run faster too.


#1 Learn gestures:

Spend a few minutes in System Preferences watching the video in your Trackpad section. Here you’ll find guides on all of the new gestures. A good grip of these and you’ll be a much more savvy Mac user in no time.


#2 Protect your kids:

Setting up Parental controls is easier than ever on a Mac. Go to System Preferences where you can limit the time your kids spend online, as well as monitoring the apps they use and information they can access.


#3 Set up keyboard shortcuts for apps:

You can quickly and easily set up shortcuts for apps like Mission Control and Launch Pad. This gives you an extra-quick way of launching them. Set this up in seconds using your System Preferences.