Apple reveals the most common reasons for rejecting apps

Common App Rejections

Apple is such an opaque company that even app developers can be left out in the cold, wondering why their app was rejected from the app store. Thankfully, the company does have some sympathy for those dejected coders, which is why it’s published a list (in full) of the most common reasons their digital magnum opus failed to pass muster.

Thankfully, the biggest reason is simply administrative: if devs fail to provide enough information or a valid demonstration account, then their work will be ignored out of hand. There’s no surprises further down the list, either, with most apps getting dumped for buggy code, misleading content or because its name doesn’t align with its intended purpose. The only reason that may annoy some is that Apple will turn down an app that doesn’t meet its high standards for user interface design – so you’d better hope that your avant-garde menu items don’t alienate Cupertino’s QA mavens.

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