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Use SUSE Studio to Build a Linux OS From Scratch

September 30th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Think you can make a better fast-booting, Chrome-focused OS than Google? Want to craft a custom Linux system that boots from a USB stick? SUSE Studio gives you 15 GB to do exactly that, and you do it all online.

Perform OCR with Google Docs – Turn Images Into Editable Documents

September 30th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Google Docs can now perform OCR on digital images. You can upload an image containing typewritten or printed text (like a fax document or a scanned newspaper clipping) to your Google Docs account and it will turn that image into editable text.

In the following example, Google Docs successfully extracted all the text from a scanned book page and converted it into an editable document.

google docs ocr

Yahoo updates YUI tool for slick Web interfaces

September 30th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Yahoo on Tuesday released version 3 of its Yahoo User Interface library, a software collection programmers can use to endow Web sites with fancy user interface elements written in JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets.

“YUI 3’s core infrastructure and its utility suite are all considered production-ready with today’s release,” Yahoo’s Eric Miraglia said in a blog post Tuesday. “The code we’re shipping today in 3.0.0 is the same code that drives the new Yahoo Home Page, and it goes out with confidence that it has been exercised vigorously and at scale.”

Mozilla slams Google’s Chrome Frame as ‘browser soup’

September 30th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Mozilla executives today took shots at Google for pitching its Chrome Frame plug-in as a solution to Internet Explorer’s poor performance, with one arguing that Google’s move will result in “browser soup.”

The Mozilla reaction puts the company that builds Firefox on the same side of the debate as rival Microsoft, which has also blasted Google over the plug-in.

Anyone Can Develop Apps for the Yahoo! Homepage

September 30th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Yahoo! Integrates App Platform with New Homepage

Today Yahoo! announced the integration of is Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP) with the new Yahoo! Homepage, which lets advertisers and publishers develop apps for the homepage. “In support of the Yahoo! Open Strategy, this integration offers a more customizable and personally relevant experience for over 118 million monthly homepage users across the U.S.,” a Yahoo! spokesperson tells WebProNews.

“Migrating the homepage to YAP means that any developer can create apps once to be deployed across the Yahoo! network – for the new homepage as well as My Yahoo! for example,” she adds. “This means faster delivery of new product rollouts; and the ability for global regions to customize apps for their markets.”

Microsoft’s Courier tablet: A Franklin Covey planner on steroids?

September 30th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Since the first video and photo leaks went public last week of Microsoft’s alleged second-generation Tablet PC, tipsters have been working overtime.

Clonezilla – Free Advanced Hard Drive Cloning Software

September 29th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Imaging hard drives is the process of taking a hard drive and copying it bit by bit to create an exact replica, in a way an “image” just like a photograph of a person is a snapshot of them at any moment in time. The cloning part is the process of taking that “image” of a hard drive and placing copies of it on one or more other hard drives.

Imagine Running the Windows Operating System In Your Browser

September 29th, 2009, posted in Oldies

Windows OS – Made of Silverlight

Windows OS

Ballmer says Microsoft ‘screwed up’ with Windows Mobile

September 29th, 2009, posted in Oldies

It’s becoming obvious that Microsoft Corp. officials, including CEO Steve
Ballmer, wish Windows Mobile were a better mobile operating system.

Welcome to my blog!

September 19th, 2009, posted in Oldies

By the name of Allah the most merciful the beneficent

My name is Khalid Rashid Qasim, and I am a PHP web developer.

Today I have decided to start my own blog site, hoping to benefit others and get benefit from others as well.

Wishing you to have a great time.

Khalid Rashid Qasim :)